Frequently Asked Questions

This is a guide to most questions asked by WOSH customers.


Q: Where is WOSH available?

A: Currently, we’re only available to people who live or work at one of our partner properties. If you’d like to see WOSH at your property please contact us and/or let your property manager know. 



Q.   How safe is the process?

A.   The WOSHING process is done with all eco-friendly, biodegradable, sustainable, and completely safe products, and there is absolutely zero toxic runoff.



Q.    How much room is needed around the vehicle to complete the WOSH process?

A.    Usually one parking space suffices enough for the WOSHER to get around the vehicle with the doors open.



Q.    How many WOSHERS are needed to perform a WOSH?

A.    Each WOSH is performed by an individual WOSHER.



Q.    How long is the process to WOSH one vehicle on average?

A.    The timing for a WOSH varies based on the size of the WOSH you select:

X-SMALL (30 min)
SMALL (35-45 min)
MEDIUM (45-55 min)
LARGE (55-75 min)
X-LARGE (120-150 min)


Q.    Is any equipment or supplies needed from me?

A.    No, the only thing we need are you keys. We've got the rest handled.



Q.    When does WOSH accept its last WOSH request?

A.    30-minutes prior to designated closing time.



Q.    Can water be used to WOSH my car instead?

A.    No. We don’t use any water to WOSH your car.  At WOSH, we believe that water is one of our planet’s most critical resources, and see no reason to waste 40+ gallons of water each time a car is washed when waterless methods are as effective and provide a more detailed cleaning.



Q.    Is it possible to cancel and/or reschedule?

A.    Yes. We ask that customers reach out to us at least one-hour before their scheduled WOSH to avoid any cancellation fees. A cancellation with less than a 1 hour notice could result in a $10 cancellation fee.



Q.   Can I upgrade my WOSH directly with the WOSHER?

A.   Yes. It is possible to upgrade your WOSH but it is entirely at the WOSHER’S discretion based on his schedule and availability.



Q.    What safety measures are taken to prevent damage to other cars or the car being WOSH’D?

A.    Unless your car is being WOSH’D at your home, all customers cars are WOSH’D in a designated area at each building, so as to prevent damage to either your car or anyone else’s.



Q.   Can I choose a specific WOSHER?

A.   Unfortunately, you cannot choose a specific WOSHER, but we do our best to ensure all WOSHERS execute our services to our high standards, so as to ensure consistency of quality and service to everybody.



Q.    How are customer service issues handled?

A.   All customer concerns are carefully and conscientiously addressed. Customer issues and/or concerns are handled by our Customer Success Team.



Q.    After a WOSH, is there a mess/residue left behind on the ground?

A.   There is no mess or residue left behind with our completely waterless process.



Q.    What is an extra dirty fee?

A.   An extra dirty fee is applied when a vehicle requires substantially more attention and care than would normally be provided for any given sized WOSH.  A WOSHER will determine if the the fee needs to be applied.



Q:    What size WOSH is best for my vehicle?

A:    Each time we WOSH your car, the size (level of service) you pay for depends on your vehicle's needs at that point in time. The sizes are not specific to each vehicle, and have nothing to do with the physical size of the vehicle. A WOSHer may recommend a different size of WOSH than the one you initially selected, in order to ensure our quality guarantee.  It will be up to you as to which size WOSH you opt to receive.


Q:    Why am I getting a vehicle fee?

A:    Vehicle fees are applied to vehicles larger than a sedan, such as an SUV, truck, or van, that take more time and solutions to clean.



Q.    How is payment tendered?

A.    Payment is handled by our Customer Success Team and we accept all major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express).



Q. Is the payment process secure?

A. Yes. Your data is encrypted, which is the most effective way to achieve data security.



Q. Can I pay with cash?

A. No, our WOSHERS cannot accept cash payments for your WOSH. WOSHERS do not carry cash. WOSH was designed to be an entirely cashless experience.

When your WOSH is complete, the payment method selected in the WOSH app is immediately charged. A receipt is emailed to you, and your account's WOSH history is updated with details about your WOSH, payment, and location.



Q. How do I use a promo code?

A. Sometimes promos are automatically applied to your account. To enter a promo code simply follow the steps below:

1: Open the WOSH app
2. Tap Menu on the top right-hand corner
3. Select Payment
4. Tap ‘Add Promo/Gift Code’
5. Enter your promo code and tap ‘Apply’



Q. Can I tip my WOSHER?

A. Yes, your WOSHERS love tips. You can either tip your WOSHER cash or add the tip in the WOSH app.