Frequently Asked Questions


Q.    After a WOSH, is there a mess/residue left behind on the ground?

A.    There is no mess/residue left behind with our completely waterless process.

Q.    What safety measures are taken to prevent damage to other cars or the car being WOSH’D?

A.    Cars are WOSH’D in an isolated spot to prevent damage.

Q.    How safe is the process?

A.    The process is eco-friendly, biodegradable, sustainable, and completely safe.

Q.    How long is the process to WOSH one vehicle on average?

A.    The timing for a WOSH varies based on the size: S (35-45 min.); M (45-55 min.); L (55-75 min.);  and WOSH Detail (120-150 min.).

Q.    How much room is needed around the vehicle to complete the WOSH process?

A.    Usually one parking space suffices - enough for the WOSHER to get around the vehicle with the doors open.

Q.    How many WOSHERS are needed to perform a WOSH?

A.    Each WOSH is performed by an individual WOSHER.

Q.    What equipment is used in carrying out the WOSH process?


A.    Supplies are carried by WOSHERS (in backpacks) or stored on-site (is building specific). Supplies include: microfibre towels, atomizer with eco-friendly solution, mobile hand-held vacuum, and depending on WOSH size, interior solution, hand wax, tire dressing, clay bar, and pet hair removal brush.

Q.    How are WOSHERS given access to vehicles for car WOSH’NG purposes?


A.    WOSHERS communicate with vehicle owners via automated text. Keys are either picked up from owners or retrieved from concierge/valet/parking services with the use of a lockbox.

Q.    How are customer service issues handled?

A.    All customer concerns are carefully and conscientiously addressed. Customer issues, complaints, and/or concerns are handled by Nate Lovell, WOSH Customer Success Manager.

Q.    How is payment tendered?

A.    WOSH accepts cash and all major credit cards. Transactions are processed using Square software (a Square Reader device is attached to WOSHER phones and used to swipe credit cards).

Q.    When does WOSH accept its last car WOSH?

A.    30 minutes prior to designated closing time.